Hoteis 2

Hoteis in the 8,000YU Mark.

Hoteis is a world within the game of Minecraft, Hoteis is mainly a snowy planet. It hosts many animals, pigs, cow, and chickens. In 3300YU the planet was inhabited by a group of species called Yuri. The Yuri went on living on the planet for almost 500 years, Hoteis was rough and a baron landscape. Perfect for their barbarian like ways. At the beginning of 2800YU the yuri suspiciously became an extinct species. They were barbarians, but they left behind a long history of scientific data. The data they studied stayed on Hoteis until the next race to inhabit the planet, recovered it. The Tur were the next to take the planet into their hands. The Tur were more of an advanced species than the Yuri, they believed in peace, and science. The scientist's of the Tur based most of their knowledge of off the the data recovered from the Yuri archives. Eventually civil war broke out inside the Tur people, one half of rouge Tur took violence into their hands and murdered innocent Tur women, and children. Outraged the nonviolent Tur broke out and fought the Rouge Tur, the nonviolent Tur per summed themselves as The Untouched. After 50 years of war and terror the Rouges, and the Untouched came to a peace agreement. With over 500,000 people in the Rouge city of Ritv, and another 1,300,000 in the capital city Tentra of the untouched. Many city's were built along the paths to the rouge city, and the capital. They became one Nation persummed "Rinca". At 800YU the Tur stumbled upon ancient text that dates back to almost 92AU. It spoke of a race that described the Turs' appearances. The text said that the Tur were more or less a "Human race" and therefore they called themselves "Human". The Tur became an ancient and obsoleite race that started 100's years ago, and now were of Human Race.

The now Human race which had become very sophisticated, worked toward creating many cities, and establishments. They sent scouts for almost 10 years to discover land that would be ready to build upon. After almost 65 years of building cities, homes, capitals, and government operations, the Humans of Hoteis were now satisfied with their advancements.

Soon after the establishment of the major cities/capitals, the Humans' discovered a hard ore under the orginial Rinca government building. This was called "The Great Iron Dig". The Humans' called the hard ore "Iron" because of how tough it was, they found such a large deposit of it, they started to build with it, melting the Iron into bars, and blocks. The years to come became known as the "The Iron Ages" at one point Iron was the only thing that the Humans' used to build.

After the "Iron shortage " the Humans' went on a search for more Iron deposits, they found some in the lands of "Defanear", which is where they built the "Iron Camp" The humans salvaged enough Iron to sustain them for the next 5000 years. It even became a currency at one point.

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