The Iron Ages were a time of great pride in the Human Nation, they created almost everything out of the Iron uncovered in "The Great Iron Dig". Advancements were made in the creation of buildings, weapons, armour, even roads.

The scientist Reszer Jonich was one of the masterminds behind weild the iron as a great power source. He commisioned almost 15,000,000 peices of iron ore to create a long extensive line of underground lab facilitys, and prisoner chambers.

Reszer was not only a mastermind behind the power of Iron, but he also created the first Iron Star. (An Iron Starship) The Iron Star was the only starship that existed in this time period. Giving the Tur of 1,2800YU extreme power against the Rouges'.

Somtime after 1,2622 it was rumored that there was a new ore found called "Husn Rock" but it was never confirmed, nor denied.

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